Handling and Transport of Palm Trees
We take great care to prepare, dig, package, and load our trees for shipping. Our soil is coarse and sandy, prompting our special attention to the details of handling and transport. Our trees are thoroughly watered prior to digging to insure proper hydration for the shipping process. All trees are burlap wrapped and placed in a truncated wire basket with straps attached for lifting. We are now also shrink wrapping the root ball to aid hydration during transport and holding. Remove the shrink wrap just before planting.
Untie the top of the palms upon receipt. If you are holding the trees, place them in a well-drained location and irrigate thoroughly daily. Cover the trees with a tree tarp when you transport to the installation site.

Transplanting Tips
Transplant success with palms can be greatly enhanced by careful attention to tree hydration. Prepare daily thorough irrigation for a minimum 30 days after transplant. Plant the tree at its original depth. Drenching the root zone with a fungicide labeled for soil-borne fungi on landscape palms is recommended for high-value palms. A light application of a controlled release palm fertilizer can be applied over the root ball area 3-4 months after transplanting. When the appearance of new fronds indicates that the tree has established successfully, a regular fertilization program can begin.

The University of Florida has developped fertilizer recommendations for palms. Detailed information is available at UF's IFAS website. Generally, they recommend a 8-2-12 formulation with 4% magnesium in a controlled release form. Most nutrition problems with palms are the result of potassium or magnesium deficiency. High nitrogen turf fertilizers can cause root injury to palms. Controlled release fertilizers can be applied at three month intervals at rates of 1.5 lbs/100 sq. ft of canopy area for sandy soils, lower rates for clay, more fertile and heavier soils.

Your advantage with North Florida Palms
Our location offers you two advantages. We experience winter temperatures of less than 20 degrees frequently, producing a product more cold tolerant than trees from south and central Florida. Our north Florida location also offers a considerable freight cost advantage over our southern competitors.

Our inventory depth assures you that we will have the product you need, when you need it. We have committed over 100 acres to production of cold hearty palms, evidence of our resolve to maintain our role as a significant supplier to the trade. Our committment to the future is a committment to your success.

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